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  • Annual press conference 2019

    Haniel increases revenue and operating profit significantly

    Financial resources of approximately EUR 1.4 billion available for portfolio development
    Sharp increases in profit expected for 2019
    CEO handover from Stephan Gemkow to Thomas Schmidt in preparation

    The family equity company Haniel posted encouraging growth in revenue and operating profit in 2018. Impairment losses on the financial investments in CECONOMY AG and METRO AG significantly reduced profit before and after taxes. "Our operating performance shows that we benefit from the increased diversification of our portfolio. However, the results from the financial investments have overshadowed this positive development, and this was disappointing for Haniel. As our financial position remains sound, we will continue to systematically implement our buy-&-build strategy", said CEO Stephan Gemkow. Thomas Schmidt, who will take over as CEO of Gemkow on July 1, 2019, emphasizes that: "We are ensuring a seamless transition and have been working since the beginning of the year within the Management Board and with our leadership team to develop initiatives that will enable us to keep the Haniel Group enkelf?hig", said Thomas Schmidt. "We want to add new companies to our portfolio quickly. The potential and the growth path of the new and existing divisions will be the focus of our efforts. Cultivating value at the investments – that is our mission." Thus, profit before and after taxes for 2019 overall is expected to rise sharply.

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