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  • Supervisory Board

    Partner at the top

    The Supervisory Board monitors the work of the Management Board and supports it in an advisory capacity. Both boards must agree on important strategic decisions. In this process, the Supervisory Board pays particular attention to ensuring that the Group develops in harmony with its traditional values. The Supervisory Board at Haniel is composed of six shareholder representatives and six employee representatives. The position of Chairman has always been held by a family member.


    Shareholder Representatives

    Franz M. Haniel

    Engineering graduate

    Dr Georg F. Baur

    Deputy Chairman
    Business administration graduate

    Dr Stephan Glander

    Chemistry graduate

    Doreen Nowotne

    Business administration graduate (HTW Dresden)

    Patrick Schwarz-Schütte

    Business administration graduate

    Prof. Dr Kay Windthorst

    University professor

    Employee representatives

    Gerd Herzberg

    Deputy Chairman
    Former Trade Union Secretary, ver.di Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft e.V.,
    federal executive board, Hamburg (German United Services Union)

    René Albersmeyer

    Regional Key Account Manager FM
    CWS-boco Deutschland GmbH

    Ralf Fritz

    Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH

    Lutz Leischner

    Mathematics graduate
    CWS-boco Supply Chain Management GmbH

    Dirk Patermann

    Service consultant
    CWS-Boco Deutschland GmbH
    NL Leipzig/Brehna

    Hans Wettengl

    Trade Union Secretary
    IG Metall, federal executive board,
    Frankfurt am Main
    (German Industrial Union of Metalworkers)