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  • Strategy

    Eyes to the future

    Haniel manages a diversified portfolio, pursuing a sustainable long-term investment strategy as a value developer. The decisive factor here is a sharp focus on shareholder value. Haniel actively manages its portfolio in order to increase this: investments at the right time and in the right place. And deinvestments when it becomes apparent that the old business areas are no longer suitable for the portfolio.

    Prudent investments

    The company has set itself the goal of expanding the portfolio to comprise up to 10 shareholdings. Investments come into question only if they are a good fit for the company and the values it puts into practice. This ensures a close-meshed investment filter that examines the potential business models with regard to how much of a contribution they make to the diversification of Haniel’s portfolio, how sustainable they are, and whether they can generate an appropriate value contribution for further growth. The following criteria are relevant here:

    Focus on value potential

    Haniel seeks to generate excess returns. This means returns that are consistently above the cost of capital. As a result, the Group focuses exclusively on business areas with high value potential and on markets in which the Corporate Divisions occupy or can achieve leading positions. Only a company that knows the economic environment in precise detail can achieve such an optimised portfolio. For this reason, Haniel analyses the most important global growth markets and competition on an ongoing basis.

    The 21st century has new megatrends on the agenda. Futurologists have specified around 20 – and we have dealt systematically with each one of them. The core objective is to give fresh impetus to our tried and tested business model: buying small companies and using Haniel’s expertise, for instance in controlling or digitalisation, to make them more professional and more international. We are currently on the lookout for companies that, with our help, can develop into market leaders. Only business models fuelled by one or more megatrends that are capable of making a value contribution to the Group for years to come pass through our acquisition filter.

    Permanently on course

    Our history as a successful multi-generation family-owned company shapes our ambitions for future social, environmental and economic value contributions. Sustainability is our guiding principle for corporate activities. When looking into potential acquisition targets, social and ecological criteria are also examined using Haniel’s investment filter in order to enable it to assess the candidate’s CR profile. Only those business models that are able to make a positive contribution to sustainability, both now and in the future, are considered.