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  • Holding cashflow

    Cash flow of the Franz Haniel subgroup

    Cash flow at the level of the Franz Haniel subgroup is essentially influenced by (i) dividends received from the shareholdings; (ii) Holding Company expenses; (iii) net interest income/expense; (iv) dividends paid to the shareholders; (v) investments and disinvestments.

    Selected financial information

    In the interests of better readability, the format of the following cash flow statement for the Franz Haniel subgroup does not correspond to the format used for the cash flow statement in the Franz Haniel subgroup consolidated financial statements.

    EUR million 2017 2018
    Dividends received 174 218
    Interest received 20 10
    Interest paid -42 -28
    Holding costs -43 -38
    Funds from operations* 109 162
    Dividend paid to shareholders -50 -60
    Share buyback / Others -4 -8
    Total Cash Cover Investment Result 1.4x 1.7x

    *adjusted for portion of interest received above effective yield