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  • Integrating Corporate Values

    Integrating Corporate Values

    Haniel Values as a Compass

    Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH has been owned by the Haniel family for more than 260 years – and has been successfully shaping change for just as long: launched as a Ruhrort-based grocer in 1756, today it manages a diversified portfolio from its headquarters in Duisburg. Firmly rooted principles provide orientation despite the rapid pace of change and ensure that all companies in the Haniel Group remain in balance.

    The Haniel values, which guide the owner family just as they do the management and employees, stand for that which made Haniel successful in the past, and that which shapes its actions today – the ability to combine generations of economic success with responsibility for employees, society and the environment.

    Companies and employees at all levels undertake to live by Haniel's values: they serve as a compass and show the way ahead for Haniel to continue growing. This is why it is important for employees to have a shared understanding of our values and to be guided by the same codes of conduct. These principles are set out in the Code of Conduct.