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  • Social efforts

    Commitment with deep roots

    For Haniel, it is a tradition to give something of its success back to the environment. Even in the 19th century, Franz Haniel, grandson of the company’s founder, campaigned for the collective good. He donated a hospital and a school to his home town of Duisburg-Ruhrort. Also, he provided voluntary social benefits: Franz Haniel founded Germany’s first company health insurance and built the first housing estate for workers in the Ruhr area. He recognised that employees played an important role in the success of a company. In return, Haniel offered more than a basic salary. The Group still believes this today.

    As a corporate citizen, Haniel provides financial, material and conceptual support to individual initiatives and projects at its location in Duisburg, with the aim of improving the city's standard of living and creating long-term benefit for the region. In order to achieve more and bundle competences, we are working together with strong partners.